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Winter scenery in mason jars with candles, pine cones, and ribbon at Olympus Solaire



Put your craft skills to the test with Olympus Solaire’s Mason Jar Decorating Contest, held November 28-30. Not sure where to begin with your creative entry? Read on for five design ideas and concepts to give you an edge over the competition.

Decoration Turned Edible Gift

Turns out your Mason jar decoration can serve two purposes – it can be beautiful and functional. Create a layered effect in the jar using ingredients to make up a tasty treat your friends are sure to love. Ideas include hot chocolate fixings, ingredients for Christmas cookies, or even dried soup mixes. Add a card that includes the recipe for how to turn everything into a treat.

Mini Christmas Tree Stand

This is a pretty easy DIY that makes a great holiday centerpiece. Start by painting your Mason jar either a solid color or a festive pattern. Pack it with some pine branches and wire them with pinecones and mini ornaments to make an adorable mini Christmas tree, perfect for any small space.

Simmering Pot

There’s something about that holiday smell in your home that makes it feel cozy and oh-so festive. Put together a beautiful collection of fresh cider ingredients you can find at your local grocery store, like apples, cinamon, cloves, and oranges. Leave it to display on your counter, and once you’re ready, empty and simmer the ingredients for apple cider-smelling goodness throughout your home.

Mason Jar Snowman

No snow? No problem. Create a snowman out of a Mason jar using a clear bulb ornament as the head and jar as the body. Add in some “snow” (aka, cotton balls), create a classic snowman face complete with a carrot for a nose, and add a scarf and hat to make the little snowman complete.

Snow Globes

Create a snow globe world inside a Mason jar using mini bottle brush trees and glitter, and fancy it up with your choice of extra characters like a Santa, reindeer, or other items. Secure your decorations to the lid using glue, then add glitter and water to the jar. Shake and enjoy!

Whether you’re looking to create some decor for yourself or for others to enjoy, get a head start on your Mason jar decorating with these great options. For more tips on winning at life, visit the Olympus Solaire blog.