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Mittened hands holding a hot cup of coffee with a heart above it, seemingly formed from the steam.



Now that we’re knee-deep in hot cocoa season, you’re probably getting a little sick of the same old recipes. There’s got to be more to this delicious drink than the standard chocolate and marshmallows, right? Absolutely! Check out these 4 amazing additions you’ll find around Albuquerque. 

Kit Kat Cocoa

For this unique addition, grab a couple of Kit Kats from Shelby’s Sugar Shop in Cottonwood Mall and toss them into your food processor, grinding them into a fine powder. Now, simply replace your standard cocoa powder with the crushed Kit Kat and maybe add a little sugar, if it’s not quite sweet enough. Check out The Cookie Writer website for the full recipe. 

Hot Cocoa Coffee

Sounds simple, but sometimes simple isn’t always obvious! This recipe is pretty self-explanatory, but here’s are some directions just in case. Start with a bag of fresh-roasted dark roast coffee beans from Michael Thomas Coffee Roasters and brew up a strong cup. In a saucepan, heat up a cup-and-a-half of whole milk, oat milk, or other white-ish liquid and dissolve your cocoa. Mix the two together and give one mug to a friend. Or drink it all yourself – no judgment! 

Hot Whisky Cocoa

What’s better than a warming cup of hot chocolate on a cool winter day? Booze. So how about combining the two? Whiskey, brandy, and rum are great choices, as long as you go with the dark varieties. No special preparation needed, just dump it in until A) it tastes great, or B) it’s strong enough that you just don’t care. Again, no judgment if you don’t share.  

Free Hot Cocoa

Nothing’s better than hot cocoa that doesn’t cost anything! Stop by the Olympus Solaire office and load up your cup at our Socially Responsible Hot Cocoa Bar on Saturday, January 30, from 3 to 5 PM, while supplies last.

For more tips on making the best of the last days of winter, visit the Olympus Solaire blog