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Woman in a unicorn costume sitting on bed, sipping from a mug, with a laptop open in front of her.



Believe it or not, Saturday, April 10, is National Unicorn Day! Hooray, it's the one day of the year where your collection of unicorn ornaments, stuffed animals, videos, and books should be on display. And that's not all – come down to the Olympus Solaire office from 3-5 PM to collect a unicorn snack and enter our raffle for a magical prize! Amazing!

While you wait for 3 PM to roll around, check out these astonishing unicorn facts.

Unicorns Aren't Real

Look, we don't want to lead you on. It had to be said.

They Don't Have Wings

Unlike the pegasus, unicorns do not have wings. However, because they aren't real, they actually could have wings. All you have to do is wish it!

Unicorns & Mermaids Are BFFs

It's true! When mermaids are on dry land, and their tails have turned into legs, their preferred locomotion method is aboard a unicorn. However, the same can't be said for mermen and unicorns. They are mortal enemies. Go ahead, prove us wrong!

They Are Legal to Hunt

All you need is a hunting permit from Lake Superior State University. According to Mental Floss, the university gives them out for free. However, your permit doesn't allow you to kill any unicorns. Talk about confusing ...

Unicorns Don't Need to Eat

According to the website for universally respected news organization Unicorns Rule, unicorns "may eat grass and hay, but it really doesn't need to eat at all. It absorbs its energy from the sun, probably through the horn." Isn't science magical?

We hope you learned something super useful from this blog post. For more important facts, visit the Olympus Solaire blog.