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If you're planning a night solo, a good book is just the thing to keep you company. Here's how to plan your own blind date with a new book.

What’s a Blind Date with a Book?

“A blind date with a book” is a popular book recommendation trend that takes your preferences and reading history and uses them to match you with a new book. Your new book is wrapped up, so you don't know what you'll be reading until you sit down to enjoy it.

How Do You Find a Book?

There are a few ways to find your blind date. Occasionally local bookstores will host one of these events. They’ll have a display of wrapped books with hints written on each one that will guide you to your next read. If you can't pick one out in person, there are also several ways to have your blind date mailed to you. Some examples include CrateJoy and the hand-selected options on Etsy.

How Do They Know What To Send Me?

A blind date with a book works in one of two ways – either you choose based on hints given that allude to the genre and theme, or you answer a questionnaire to provide them with an idea of what type of books you like. It's wise to have a Goodreads set up in advance and to keep it up to date. Book date matchmakers will reference it to make sure you don't get a book you’ve already read.

Set the Mood

Once your book is in hand, it's time to complete the experience. Light some candles, grab a warm blanket and a glass of wine, and set out some baked goods. Get cozy, and then unwrap and meet your companion for the evening. While more expensive, many Etsy shops also provide self-care items along with the book, to help you make it a truly magical date.

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