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Olympus Solaire has some pretty sweet amenities. From hanging hammock chairs and comfy lounge seating to covered cabanas and a billiards table, this is the perfect spot to host an outdoor get-together. So call up your favorite people, put in some quick prep work, and get ready to have a blast. Keep reading to see how you can be the host with the most when you live here.

Send Out Your Invites

Whether it’s a Sunday morning brunch feast on our beautiful sundeck or a Bachelorette watch party on a Tuesday night in the clubhouse with the accordion doors opened to our outdoor lounge, Olympus Solaire is the place to be. Just pick your day, put together an invite (try Canva for pretty invite templates), and send it out to your prospective attendees for their RSVP. 

Plan the Beverages & Bites

Depending on the theme of your get-together, you’ll want a nice corresponding spread of drinks and food. For a reality TV watch party, some ideal pairings could be white and red wine with a charcuterie board. For brunch, a simple quiche, fruit, pastries, and mimosas are a perfect addition to your event. If you’re just having a few friends over for an after-work happy hour, try doing a mix-your-own cocktail bar and set up a little cheese fondue bowl. When it comes to beverages and bites, the possibilities are endless!

Prep & Pack Your Supplies

To make for an effortless event, try to plan, prep, and pack your supplies well in advance of the actual event day. Ensure you have enough food and drinks for all your RSVP'd guests. Also be sure to bring along enough cutlery and utensils, plates and dishes, napkins, and anything else you might need. Don’t forget to bring a mini speaker and throw together a quick playlist that fits your guests’ tastes. Prep and/or purchase as much of the food as possible prior to the event. Set up and arrive much earlier than your guests to have everything ready to go before they get there. Don’t forget to bring along a few throw blankets in case the weather cools down!

Cheers to an awesome event! And when you’re ready for your next shindig, head over to read our other blog posts for more tips and tricks.