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Horseback riding is a fun way to explore the outdoors while at the same time improving your coordination and core strength.

If you would like to enjoy a trail ride, the best destinations around Albuquerque include:

Running Horse Ranch

At the Running Horse Ranch, visitors can enjoy a trail ride along the Rio Grand River. Surrounded by historic cottonwood trees, the trail features both stunning views of the Sandia Mountains and an array of wildlife, and it offers an experience that's not soon forgotten. The guides are both knowledgeable and friendly, and all skill levels are welcome to join the two-hour adventure.

Cedar Crest Stables

Cedar Crest Stables boasts it's where "You Can Ride Your Cares Away." The guides have exclusive access to the trails that meander through the Cibola National Forest where riders enjoy an uphill climb and incredible alpine views. Those looking for an enhanced adventure, don't want to miss the four-hour Waterfall tour. It's the longest ride and comes complete with up and down canyons and the Canconcito Spring.

Red Horse Riding Co.

The trails at the Red Horse Riding Co. wander along the river between Corrales and Bernalillo. Water is on one side, while the woods are on the other, and the rides depend on the group's skill level. The guides may lead everyone in a walk or lope, and the trail may feature steep terrain. Couples often choose to enjoy a romantic sunrise or moonlight adventure.

Acacia Riding Adventure

Whether visitors want to splash along the Rio Grande or explore hidden canyons by moonlight, Acacia has something for everyone. It's one of the only stables in the area that offers cantering and trotting, and the guides provide rides 365 days a year.

Horseback riding is just one of the activities you can enjoy if you call our apartments in Albuquerque home. Please contact our leasing agents to schedule a tour where you can see all we have to offer firsthand.