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Elaborate ice cream sandwiches with nuts, chocolate chips, and M&M’s stacked atop one another.



There’s nothing more delicious on a hot summer day than a cold and creamy ice cream sandwich. You can buy a variety of premade creations throughout Albuquerque, but why take the easy route when you can easily make it something truly magical? Here’s Olympus Solaire’s recipe for the most decadent ice cream sandwich you ever experienced.

Grab Your “Bread”

And by bread, we mean cookies! Albuquerque has quite a few cookie places to choose from, but we’re going to pare that down for the sake of simplicity – Rude Boy Cookies is this day’s destination for everything crunchy. This ska-themed, woman-owned cookie shop is known for delicious cookies, amazing cookie art, and “Cookie-Oke,” their in-shop take on karaoke (check out their Facebook page). Pick up an assorted dozen or hand-select a few favorites. We suggest Red Velvet or Double Chocolate. Yum!

Pick Your “Protein”

Ice cream has protein, even the nondairy variety! It’s not a great source, but it’s good enough for our purposes. For our option, we’re choosing Nitro Fog Creamery in Tin Pan Alley. It’s just a 5-mile drive from Olympus Solaire, and their nitro ice cream-making technology and hyper-local ingredients mean unique flavor combinations that make it easy to up your ice cream sandwich game. We’re packing our Red Velvet and Double Chocolate cookie combo with rich, creamy Himalayan Salted Caramel!

Don’t Forget the “Pickles”

Not literally – unless you’re into that. We just mean the toppings. You might as well go all-in on the sandwich. Add a handful of nuts, some crunchy candy bits, or fresh fruit to round out your sando’s center. Head to The Candy Lady or the Sprouts Farmers Market less than a mile from our door.

Slather on the “Mayo & Mustard”

Don’t forget to add a little chocolate sauce, caramel, or strawberry topping to tie it all together! Once that’s done, it’s time to close it up and take a bite. You might need a bib for this one. Enjoy!

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