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Cute fall center piece on a white table



With its rich splashes of vibrant color, autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. Why not take a lesson from Mother Nature when it comes to decorating and bring some of those natural elements indoors? Or let nature inspire you to make your own decorative creations. Read on for a few simple ideas to trick out your home in celebration of the season.

Use Natural Items

This is the simplest way to bring autumn indoors: Use items from nature as decorations. Set out pinecones on a shelf. Fill decorative bowls with unshelled nuts and cinnamon sticks. Place pumpkins and squash on the windowsills. These simple, inexpensive touches really add a natural, cozy feel to any indoor space.

Make a Wreath

This is a super easy, inexpensive way to add a natural element to your home. All you need are the basic supplies (a wreath form and twine, wire, or a glue gun) and your focal decoration. Try one using corn, dried leaves, acorns, or dried flowers. (Tip: You can use a wreath as a centerpiece if you don’t want to hang it on the wall.)

Pay Attention to Texture & Color

Invest in some faux fur blankets and place velvet slipcovers over your pillows in rich tones of deep red, forest green, or warm chestnut. These are a few simple ways to add to your décor, and they make a huge difference, lending a sense of coziness and warmth to your indoor space.

Make a Garland

This is an incredibly easy and inexpensive way to add beauty to your home. Buy or make a garland using natural items like acorns, fall leaves, or dried flowers. You can also do a little paper crafting or buy a simple “Happy Fall” garland.

Create Unexpected Art

Collect leaves at the peak of their color and put them in a floating picture frame to give the illusion of leaves falling. Hang a big quilt that features warm, autumnal colors on the wall as a seasonal statement piece. Make a pumpkin topiary. (Tip: You can use fake pumpkins for this, if you want to store them between seasons for next year.)

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