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Cheers with friends near Olympus Solaire in Albuquerque, New Mexico



If there’s one thing Albuquerque knows, it’s brewing beer, and we have a number of excellent breweries to prove it. It would take pages to list all the good beers at every one of them, so we’ve compiled this short list of a few favorites you ought to check out.

Rosa Goes-A, High and Dry Brewing

Gose is a slightly salty traditional German-style beer, and this take is lightly carbonated and offers notes of sour cherry, black cherry, and orange. At just 3.8% alcohol, this is the perfect brew for a hot summer day.

Strawberry Amigo Fruited Sour, Bow & Arrow Brewing Co.

Bow & Arrow Brewing Co. offers a delicious mix of brews to choose from, including IPAs, sours, pilsners, and lagers. Don’t miss their strawberry shortcake-inspired Strawberry Amigo Fruited Sour, made from real strawberry puree, vanilla beans, lemon peel, and lactose. Delicious for dinner or for dessert! If hard sparkling waters – a la Whiteclaw – are more your jam, be sure to check out their Desert Water Hard Sparkling Water too.

Cholo Stout, Marble Brewery

With three Albuquerque locations and multiple awards under its belt, this local beer maker has the chops to keep you coming back for more. Don’t miss their gold-winning Cholo Stout, the perfect accompaniment to the cooler days of fall and winter.

Unhinged Cider, Red Door

Because some (crazy) people don’t like beer, we’ve included one cider on our list. This unfiltered option made by Red Door Brewing Co. is not carbonated and packs a punch at 7% alcohol. Drink up!

Elevated IPA, La Cumbre Brewing Company

Dedicated to brewing beers of the very highest quality, La Cumbre has two locations in Albuquerque and produces several varieties, including IPAs, lagers, and the award winning Malpais chocolate stout. If you go, be sure to grab a pint of their 100 IBU Elevated IPA which won a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival.

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