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Woman dressed as a witch taking a selfie of her and her dog, who is dressed as a vampire.



Finally, it’s everyone’s favorite holiday for dressing up in a funny or scary costume. But what about your little buddy? Surely they want to get in on the action. Now they can! Check out Olympus Solaire’s five fun costumes you can enjoy together.

Freaky Friday

We’ve all seen that movie or one of its million clones. The premise is a grown person and child get struck by lightning or touch some magical talisman and their bodies and minds are switched! Now, what if it was a person and their pet instead? That’s the idea behind this costume. Dress your pet up in tiny-sized versions of clothing similar to what you like to wear, and maybe a wig, and then put on a pet costume styled after your little buddy. Voila! Who’s really the animal? Nobody knows. (These dog sneakers might be a good place to start.)

Batman & Robin

Holy jack-o’-lanterns, Batman! Imagine how cute you and your little buddy would be dressed up as these caped crusaders – or any of the many variations out there, such as Batgirl, Penguin, Poison Ivy, or Mr. Freeze. Oriental Trading has both human and pet costumes, so you can get both in one place!

Dorothy & the Cowardly Lion

Another cute classic costume combo is Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz. Grab one of these dog-sized lion’s manes (there’s also a cat size you can search for), and then pick up a blue dress, white blouse, and ruby slippers – or get the complete outfit at Amazon. Other options could include going as the Tin Man or Scarecrow instead of Dorothy. But whatever you choose, we’re sure it will be adorable!

Jabba the Hutt & Salacious Crumb

While this dynamic duo isn’t known for its cuteness, Star Wars nuts will surely love your dedication. It all starts with the inflatable Jabba the Hutt costume from Costume SuperCenter ( batteries not included). When it comes to Salacious Crumb – the giggly little guy who sits at the edge of Jabba’s throne – you may need to use some creativity. There aren’t a lot of costumes out there, but you could probably cut up some brown felt and make a pretty good likeness. The pictures in this article might offer an ideal jumping-off point.

Cow People

There are some adorable cowboy and cowgirl pet costumes out there. You could dress up as a pair of sheriffs, two outlaws on the lam, or a dog-sheriff and their prisoner, or vice versa! Your dog will probably be happy with any option – as long as they get to dress up. Dogs love nothing more than putting on a costume. Trust us.

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