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Spooky pumpkins at Olympus Solaire in Albuquerque, New Mexico



Halloween is back and it’s time again to carve some pumpkins. Are you tired of carving the same old thing, but having trouble coming up with a new signature design? Everybody needs a go-to look. Let the team at Olympus Solaire help you find your next pumpkin carving design!

The Classic

You’ve seen this one a million times but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good one. It’s timeless! Think triangle eyes, triangle nose, and big crescent smile with square teeth. You could probably even do this one with your eyes close (but don’t! That would be dangerous).

Jack Skellington

From the Nightmare Before Christmas! This one actually isn’t that hard. It’s basically just big, round eyes with a couple of flourishes, a couple of small holes for the nose, and a crescent smile with periodic wedges removed. Disney even has a template you can use.

Toothpick Teeth

Take your jack o’lantern to the next level with the addition of some toothpicks. With this trick, you can carve something along the lines of the simple classic, and then shove a bunch of toothpicks in there to make it creepy as can be.

Gourd Words

Carve a word or two into your pumpkin and let it speak for itself. “Boo” is always a good way to go and you don’t need too much real estate to make it fit. Or have to worry about whether you spelled it correctly. “COVID” would be scarier, but it might cut down on your trick ‘r’ treaters.

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