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Black air fryer on a wood-grain countertop.



Your nifty air fryer can do a lot. You’ve heard of the usual suspects – from healthy(er) fried chicken and fish sticks to crunchy potato fries and zucchini chips. But there are a few unusually good options you might not have thought of. Try popping these out-of-the-box foods in the air fryer for a delicious treat.

Cinnamon Rolls

Nothing can compete with fried dough. You can fit an entire can of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls directly in the basket and set them for eight minutes, for perfectly cooked cinnamon rolls with just the right amount of crunch and ooey-gooey-goodness. Mix it up by adding a strip of bacon on top of each roll before you cook, for a sweet and salty masterpiece. Top with icing or dip, as desired. Here’s a guide if you have any questions.

Try other breakfast favorites like frozen French toast sticks or toaster strudels for additional delicious results


Are they still considered hard-boiled if you cook them via … not boiling? A super consistent way to get perfectly cooked eggs is to pop them in your air fryer for about 15 minutes. Here’s a quick recipe for the basics. You might have to adjust per your specific model to find the sweet spot.

Additionally, you can cook a whole dang omelette in your air fryer, as well. An air fryer is a great way to cook a fluffy omelette without constant babysitting or having to master the stovetop flip. Here are the details. Simply adjust with your favorite ingredients and preferences.


Say bye bye to apple pies and hello to apple fries. Appreciate the same vibe with less work by mixing up a cinnamon-sugar batter to toss your apple slices in and throw those in the air fryer. They’ll come out crunchy, sweet, and amazing. Add a dip and you’ll show up with a wowzer dessert at your next gathering. Check out this recipe to find out how to recreate this unique dish.


If you have any spare lobster tails lying around, throw them in, too, using this recipe! They only take about six minutes in the air fryer, which makes it one of the easiest ways to cook lobster. It’s less messy, doesn’t require boiling, and comes with less chance of overcooking and creating a rubbery texture of your culinary investment.

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