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Resident about to bit into a donut at a shop near Walden at Chatham Center in Savannah, Georgia



Glazed, sprinkled, or just plain old-fashioned, nothing beats that perennial pastry favorite -- the donut. Though its earliest iteration came from the Dutch, the donut has long been considered an American staple. This delectable fried desert only improves with age as new recipes add a host of experimental flavors and textures to the mix. In Savannah, Georgia, three unique donut destinations stand out above the pack for intriguing combinations and superior quality.

Duck Donuts

A Duck dynasty, indeed. Originally opened in North Carolina in 2007, this donut shop venture went so swimmingly, there are now over 150 Duck Donuts dotting the country. Featuring different donuts depending on the season, Duck also offers classic donuts like the powdered sugar and their PBJ-inspired peanut butter icing with raspberry drizzle. And for those picky eaters, you can even have your donuts made-to-order. Just pick a coating, a topping, and drizzle, and you've got yourself a personalized Duck Donut worthy of applause.


2012 saw the first of this donut shop take root. Now, the company's "rise" in popularity has garnered a variety of locations across the states. Eager to entice both the breakfast and dessert crowds, Rise sells donuts and yummy biscuits with diverse palates in mind. The Savannah, Georgia location has raspberry jelly and banana pudding as well as house specialties such as the crème brulee, a quote "flame-torched" donut packed with custard. You'll be rising early in the morning to get your donut fix here.

Baker's Pride

Pride in your country is admirable, but pride in your donuts? That's inspiring! Savannah's own award-winning Baker's Pride has been making exceptional donuts since 1982. Their glazed donuts are a local favorite while they also make tasty sprinkled and cake donuts among others. In addition, they bake a bevvy of other dessert treats, including cheesecakes, tarts, cookies, and cupcakes too, so good luck going home without something ooey, gooey, chewy and/or all of the above.

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