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Resident birdwatching at Little Talbot Island State Park near Wimberly at Deerwood in Jacksonville, Florida



With Northeast Florida's moderate temperatures, diverse habitats, and migratory route location, it's no wonder that it is a popular bird watching destination.

Jacksonville residents can see an array of species at the Little Talbot Island State Park, which features maritime hammock forests, desert-like dunes, and undisturbed salt marshes on the west side.

Birds may include:

Red Knot

Red knots visit the park in the spring as a layover between Argentina and Canada. These chunky shorebirds are identified by their reddish plumage and thick, short legs. They may roost in densely packed flocks and stand shoulder to shoulder on the stand.

Piping Plover

Piping plovers are round, stocky birds that feature sandy grayish-brown feathers and an orange bill with a black tip. They usually forage alone and are nearly invisible until they run a short distance and stop to pull a worm from the sand.

Black Skimmer

Black skimmers feature a knife-thin red and white bill, and the lower mandible is longer than the upper. It sets them apart from all other American birds, and it is used for plucking fish out of the water. These birds are also identified by their black body feathers, white necks, and barking yip-like calls.

Least Tern

Least terns are the smallest of the American terns, and they have a yellow bill and narrow, pointed wings. They also feature white and gray feathers, and during flight, bird watchers will see a black edge on their outer wing feathers. Listen for their high-pitched "kee-zink, kee-zink" calls.

On your way into the park, don't forget to ask the ranger for a bird checklist.

Bird watching is just one of the activities that you can enjoy if you call our apartments in Jacksonville home. Please contact us to schedule a tour where you can see our community firsthand.