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Overhead view of a woman lying on the couch, reading a book and drinking coffee.



When was the last time you chilled at home without taking fifteen minutes to decide which streaming service to watch? If that routine has worn thin, fear not – there are plenty of ways to spend a quiet evening at home without a screen.

Here are a few ideas.

Curl Up with a New Book

Let’s face it: most people have a stack of unread books on the bedside table. Why not spend an evening digging in? Make it extra special by brewing a mug of tea or pouring yourself a cup of kombucha or beer. Put together a tricked-out charcuterie board that you can snack on as you turn the pages. And if you really want to veg out, opt for an audio book, and bundle up on the couch or in bed with a few extra blankets and pillows.

Learn a New Hobby

Knitters and crocheters will tell you there’s nothing sweeter than a quiet Saturday night, working on your latest project – which can be said of all hobbies. Indulge in the hobbies you already have, or better yet, learn a new one the next time you have a quiet night to yourself. Have you always wanted to learn how to paint? Collect coins? Make candles? Try your hand at woodworking? Grab some books from the library to get you started, or try all the options out there with some online courses that can give you the pointers you’ll need to grow your knowledge and skill.

Learn a Card Game

Have a few friends over and learn a new card game. Poker, I Doubt It, or Spoons are fun games. And if you decide you want a night alone, you can always play Solitaire.


Have you become bored with the layout of your living room? Does your bedroom need a refresh? Spend a quiet evening moving the furniture around. Take your time by moving things and trying out new configurations. And don’t limit yourself to keeping everything in the same room. Try moving a chair from the living room into the bedroom to make a corner reading nook. Or move the throw pillows from your bed onto the sofa and see if you like the shakeup.

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