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The view from above of an outdoor picnic, including fresh fruit and bread.

Spend Time Outdoors at the Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve State Park

For a fun-filled day outdoors, head to the Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve State Park. It features recreational activities and an abundance of wildlife, from threatened American alligators to endangered wood storks. Here is some of what the park offers near our Jacksonville apartments:


Pack a basket full of fried chicken, and start your visit by enjoying a delicious picnic. The park offers five different picnic areas. Enjoy your meal near the salt marsh, dine under towering pine trees, or take a hike to one of the two trailside picnic spots.

Bird Watching

Plenty of birds call the park's longleaf pine forests home. Year-round residents include owls, turkeys, and woodpeckers. You may also spot roseate spoonbills fishing in the salt marsh during the winter months. These medium-sized wading birds are easy to recognize with their pink feathers and spoon-shaped bills. They wade through shallow waters searching for prey and nest in shrubs along the water's edge.


Bike riding offers a fun way to explore the outdoors as you build muscle and reduce stress. At Pumpkin Hill, the trails meander through pine flatwoods and sandhill communities. They welcome intermediate and adventurous riders alike, and soft, sandy soil may create challenges in spots.


Finally, enjoy some treasure-hunting fun. Geocaching is an exciting activity where participants use GPS devices to find coordinates to hidden caches. Some caches are easy to locate, while others are a bit more challenging. If you remove an item, be sure and replace it with something of equal or greater value.

After visiting the park, stop by a local restaurant to enjoy some delicious seafood. You can sample crabs, grilled shrimp, and more.

Finally, to call Wimberly at Deerwood home, please contact us. We will offer a personalized tour where you can see our apartments in Jacksonville firsthand.