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Baked goods, comfort food, and bundling up indoors are all working against you and your healthy lifestyle this holiday season. But don’t worry! Wimberly at Deerwood shares our favorite practical tips and tricks for sticking to your fitness goals this winter.

Plan Ahead

The pandemic has most likely interfered with your typical holiday plans, like vacations to Hawaii or heading out to see the fam. But if you are still driving out to see mom and dad, or taking that trip, be sure to plan ahead. Have an idea of where you can pick up some healthy food along the way and definitely pack your workout gear.

If traveling this winter just isn’t happening in your world, plan your next day ahead by putting out workout clothes and scheduling your workout. Set a reminder on your phone or calendar for the activity you’re wanting to do, like running along Jacksonville Beach or hiking with your pup at Bird Island Park – and commit to actually doing it.

Make a Personalized Playlist

Let’s be real – music is everything when it comes to going hard during a workout. Get yourself pumped up with a playlist of your fave jams to put on. And get this: it actually helps your performance. Who knew?

Be Realistic

Don’t set your alarm for a 5 AM wake-up if you know for a fact that you are not a morning person. Be realistic – you know you best, so set goals for yourself that you know you can keep. Like working out just before dinner or bed if you are not an early bird. Or maybe you don’t do well out in the cold weather, so try doing at-home workouts or go to your local gym instead.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

It’s the holidays! So have that cookie or overeat that holiday dinner, but don’t be mean to yourself about it afterwards. Have those carbs, eat those leftovers, enjoy yourself, and move on! Don’t go into a massive self-destructive guilt trip. And don’t force yourself to “make up” for it during your workout because you overdid it on the food. Just use the food as fuel for your workouts.

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