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Kitten showering her class in WImberly at Deer wood in Jacksonville, Florida



A good scratching pad is essential to your cat’s behavioral health, but why settle for something mundane? Spice up your cat’s life – and yours – with these lighthearted and unique scratching pads.

District 70 Sardine Cardboard Cat Scratcher Toy

Every self-respecting cat loves sardines. Take that love to another level with this glorious cat scratcher/hideout.

Frisco Retro Game Over Scratcher Cat Toy

Is your cat an old-school gamer? Then give this Game Boy-inspired scratcher a look.

DJ Cat Scratching Pad

Does your cat like to drop sick beats? If so, this DJ Cat Scratching Pad is a must-have. DJ Whiskers wouldn’t lead you astray.

District 70 Mix Tape Cardboard Small Cat Scratcher Toy

Seeking the perfect complement to the DJ Cat Scratching Pad. Look no further than this delightful mix tape scratcher toy!

You & Me Couch Cardboard Cat Scratcher

This dual-purpose scratcher will keep your cat’s claws in top shape while significantly styling up their corner of the house.

Fun House Cat Scratcher – Hyde & EEK! Boutique

Halloween is fast approaching. Get your kitty in on the celebration with this spooky fun house.

Frisco Cactus Cat Scratching Post

Does your cat’s sense of style lean desert chic? If so, then this cactus scratching post is the way to go.

For more tips in crafting the perfect den for you and your feline friend(s), check out the Wimberly at Deerwood blog.