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Man looking at smartphone excited about Fantasy Football at Wimberly at Deerwood



For the unanniciated fantasy football may look complicated, boring, unnecessary, and even kinda dumb. We assure you, fantasy football is none of those things. And while the 2020/2021 NFL season may be past the halfway point, this is the perfect time to learn the ins and outs to prep for next year. Still not convinced? Here are three really good reasons why you should play fantasy football.

You Learn So Much About Football

Does the following statement make sense: Your WR1 is averaging 3.7 YAC but is going against the number one CB in the league who’s only allowed 65 receiving yards to opposing receivers all season. If it does, you’re good! Stop reading and join a league! If it doesn’t, I promise you, after a few weeks of fantasy football it will. Fantasy football survives off making the process user friendly and easily accessible. Many great fantasy football apps like Yahoo Fantasy Football provide simple interfaces that will help you learn terminology and even draft players for you until you get the hang of it.

The Social Aspect

In these unprecedented times the majority of our social interaction occurs via the internet. Fantasy Football adds an extra layer of fun and interaction to our exchanges. From fantasy football league chat rooms to conversation starters and some friendly competition. Simply put, it’s something a bunch of you can all enjoy together no matter how far apart you are.

The Drama

When you play fantasy football projections can have you winning by 20 points, and you could still lose by 50. You could be blazing ahead Sunday morning only to go down in flames Monday night. You can lose by 100 points or win by .01 points. And it can come down to the last play of the last game of the week. And you’re not going to want to just check out the score after all the games are done. You’re gonna want to follow the scores. Experience the ebbs and flows of the game. See those gigantic plays. It's real life drama that’s competitive, interactive, passionate, and fun that you can share with family and friends.

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