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 Woman with a red and white striped headband standing in front of American flag holding a Mason jar beverage holder with straw toward the camera.

3 Patriotic Cocktails to Bust Out This Presidents Day


There’s no better way to show your respect for America’s highest office than a fancy cocktail. Check out our guide to three great patriotic cocktails for toasting history’s leaders of the free world.

Red, White & Blue Shot

Nothing is more American than drinking straight shots of gross booze – except maybe this patriotic one-sip cocktail. Looking like a tubular American flag, this drink is red at the bottom, clear in the center, and blue on top. Ingredients: grenadine, creme de cacao, and blue curacao. Here are the instructions from The Spruce Eats.

Old Fashioned

It doesn’t feature splashy colors of the flag or smell like Abraham Lincoln (well, it might – who really knows), but this classic cocktail is as all American as the Old West. Said to have been invented in 1880, there are actually a couple of ways to make it. Our preferred method mixes high-quality bourbon or rye whiskey with Angostura bitters, sugar or simple syrup, and a twist of orange peel. Here’s the recipe.


Honestly, we thought the internet would offer up all kinds of options for patriotic cocktails to share with you – and it did – but there are very few that don’t look really gross. Beer, on the other hand, always looks and tastes delicious. And you have such a wide selection. Like domestics or microbrews? Either one is great – pick your favorite and go from there. They are already made in America, so that’s pretty pro-American, and many beer brands have offerings featuring stars or flags. Or you simply pour your brew into a patriotic beer glass.

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