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Woman in a car holding hands up and making an angry face.



Still mad at that kid who stole your marker in second grade? Or maybe you're bitter about last season's Big Brother winner. If you still have anger over a stolen parking spot a week or even a year ago, that one's pretty universal. But some might argue that unresolved anger is unhealthy. If you think they might be right, National Get Over It Day is just the holiday you've been waiting for! Read on for four tips for doing just that. 

Accept That You Can't Change the Past

That little meanie will never give you your marker back, and there's nothing you can say or do about it. That's just how the past works. Try to accept that you can't do anything to change what happened and move on. Consider that by replaying what happened in your mind, you're giving him or her more power over you than they deserve. You're the important person in this equation – try to focus instead on the positive things you've accomplished. 

Take a Turn in the Other Person's POV

Maybe that person who stole your parking spot was late for a necessary medical appointment. Perhaps the pen thief … Hmmm, no. That kid had no excuse. But by taking a spin in those other people's perspectives, it can help you feel less self-righteous and self-centered, which may help you feel less distressed.  

Scream & Hit Things

Responsibly! That's the keyword here. But attempting to release your anger can be helpful. Scream into a pillow, in your car with the windows rolled up, or in the privacy of your home. Just try not to scare other people or have the police called. 

Hitting something can also help. But, again, be responsible for your physical displays of anger. Punch a pillow, a couch cushion, or a punching bag. Don't smash vases and family photos with a stick. 

Journal It!

Even if you're not the next Stephen King, writing things in a notebook can still be magical. Don't worry about it sounding good or everything being spelled correctly if writing isn't your forte. Simply writing down your thoughts can help you organize your thinking, release things from your need to replay them over and over again, and may even bring closure. Just give it a try! 

Feeling better? Hopefully, this blog post didn't make you even angrier. For other ideas about living well and bringing more happiness to your life, visit the Cactus Forty-2 blog