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Creepy hand grabbing a beer near Cactus Forty-2



Who doesn’t like a good ghost story? Who doesn’t like a good drink? In Phoenix you get to have both. Here are three haunted locations where you can grab a drink and maybe have a spooky encounter as well.

Four Peaks Brewery Company

Four Peaks Brewery is a well known brew company with three locations within the Phoenix area. One location in particular boasts its own ghostly story. The staff of the Four Peaks Brewery location in Tempe have recounted odd events like items disappearing and reappearing in different spots, mysterious noises, and even the odd conversation with people who end up not being there. After some research it turns out that there have been some untimely deaths that have occured within the Brewery Walls. For a deeper dive into the phenomenon Four Peaks have the haunted pub tours during the month of October. During the rest of the year you can enjoy a great happy hour menu, well poured drinks, and beer-battered fries that are positively life affirming. Maybe that’s why they keep hanging around.

The Stockyards Restaurant

5009 East Washington Street, #115

The Stockyards Restaurant is a Phoenix mainstay and is best known for its tasty bison meatloaf, delicious calf liver, and non-corporeal spirit of the former owner's wife. Helen Tovrea, wife of then owner Philip Tovera was the interior designer of the two story restaurant and bar. It seems that Mrs. Tovrea left behind more than just her decorative flair. In the Rose Banquet Room, the "Lady in Red" painting apparently houses Helen Tovrea’s spirit, infusing the painting with life. The apparition has been reported to be up to all manner of michif like wandering around in a red dress, whispering, flickering lights on and off and even appearing to women in the restroom mirror.

Casey Moore’s Oyster House

What’s worse than one ghost? Two ghosts. What’s worse than two ghosts? Don’t worry, we’re not going to keep counting up, it’s three. Three ghosts. Now, when we tell you there are three ghosts you probably assume that these three spectres were acquaintances of some kind. And you would be mistaken. The original owners of Casey Moore’s Oyster House apparently loved working there so much they decided to never leave. Find a job you love that much, people.

Anyway, the late William and Mary Moeur can still be glimpsed in their turn-of-the-century attire, floating up the stairs. Loud music has also been heard at all hours and neighbors have even reported seeing the phantom couple dancing on the second floor through the windows long after the restaurant has closed.

The remaining ghost in our trio isn’t nearly as romantic. Before Casey Moore’s was an Oyster House the building was a boarding house and more than likely, a brothel. A woman, who is said to have been strangled by a jilted lover, is now believed to be haunting the Oyster House as well. Instead of loud music and dancing however, the nameless woman has been known to appear in her ghostly form, cause pictures to fly off walls, inanimate objects to fly at people and objects moving overnight. If you do decide to check out Casey Moore’s, there’s no guarantee you’ll see a single or booed up ghost but you’ll definitely have some killer Oysters.

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