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Woman hanging hand-made pumpkin decorations in her Cactus Forty-2 apartment



Spooky scenes fill the streets and our homes this time of year. And for the most part, the best decorations are those that are homemade, with love, care, and thought put into them. Carve out some time this Halloween season (pun intended) to make a few Halloween decorations that will bring yourself and others joy, for years to come.

Googly-Eyed Ghost Tassel Garland

This is one of those decorations you can store and use year after year. Grab some white yarn at the craft store, along with mini googly eyes. Using the yarn, follow an easy tassel tutorial like this one. Once eight or more tassels are complete, use a hot glue gun to stick googly eyes to each ghost head, and then string them along a main piece of yarn to display.

Creepy Spider Web Wall

Choose a spot in or outside your home to add this little creepy element. Grab some fake spiderwebs and stretch the material to imitate realistic webs on whatever you choose, a railing, a bookshelf, or entry table. Paint some sticks matte black and place the branches throughout the webs. Lastly, get some large fake spiders and place them strategically throughout the web for that creepy-crawler effect.

Carved Jack-O-Lanterns

You simply cannot let this season pass you by without carving up some pumpkins. Order a few pumpkin carving essentials and head to your nearest patch (we’re looking at you, MacDonald’s Ranch) to find the perfect Jack-O Lantern. There are plenty of amazing carving templates online to choose from, you can even have a carving contest virtually or with close friends and family. Once done, display them outside for visitors and neighbors to gush over.

Mason Jar Ghosts

Use up those inexpensive mason jars you have lying around and create a fun display of spooky ghosts that can double as candy holders. Using acrylic white paint, paint the outside of a mason jar then draw on eyes and an open mouth using black sharpie. Wrap a halloween color bow around the rim, and finally, place a tealight inside during celebrations.

Make it a memorable season this year with these easy homemade halloween decorations, perfect for the whole family. For more fall fun ideas and activities, check out Cactus Forty-2’s blog.