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Couple playing cards at Cactus Forty-2 in Phoenix, Arizona



If you have a standard deck of 52 playing cards, you can enjoy a fun-filled time at your Phoenix apartment at Cactus Forty-2. These classic card games have never gone out of fashion. So get ready for hours of game play when you try these.


Everybody will have fun with this classic card game. Remember that all eights (8) are wild; you can use them when you don’t have another card to play. In this game, the first player to run out of cards wins. Start by dealing five cards each to two, three, four, or more players. Players should keep their cards face down. Meanwhile, place the remaining cards face down at the center of the table. Draw a starter card and place it face up. Starting to the left of the dealer, each player places a card from her pile face up on the starter pile. The discarded card must either match the number, face card, or suit on the starter pile. If you reveal an eight (8), you're in luck! Play an eight as a wild card to match anything. However, if you’re unable to find a matching card, you must draw from the face-down deck until you find a match. The winner collects points for all remaining cards in other players' hands (eights = 50; face cards = 10; Ace = 1; numbers = number value). Play another round and let the overall highest scorer win.


Pairs have all the luck in this game. You certainly don't want to hold the unmatched Old Maid at the end. First, remove one Queen from a deck of 52 cards and shuffle the remaining cards. Deal the entire deck to two, three, four, or more players. Players look at their hands and remove all pairs, placed face down. The dealer begins the game by offering her cards, face down, to the player on her left. The player on her left then draws one card from the dealer's hand. Next, the player removes any pairs from her hand that may have formed as a result of the newly drawn card. Now, this player offers his cards to the player on his left. And so, the play continues as players draw one card from each other's hands and pair matching cards until all the cards have been paired. The player holding the unmatched Queen is the Old Maid and loses the game.

All in all, these classic card games provide plenty of fun for everyone. If you’d like to enjoy these games in comfortable surroundings, consider making Cactus Forty-2 your next home. For more information about our apartment community, contact us for a virtual tour.