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Festive lights making a tunnel with trees around



As we continue to live in a world of social distancing, this holiday season may feel somewhat underwhelming. But, Arizonans are a resourceful bunch. Enter the largest drive-through light show in the world. It’s called World of Illumination, and here’s four reasons why you need to visit ASAP.

It’s Amazing

As we said above, The World of Illumination is the largest drive-through light show in the world, but that’s not all! Weaved throughout the Westgate Entertainment District, are long archways of lights that when you drive under, you’ll swear it was raining stars. The ‘Rockin' Christmas scene has Santa Claus DJing the whole event over MC, old school, with two turntables and life-sized music notes.

It’s Good Safe Fun

This drive through event is just that – drive through. Vehicles come into the extravaganza single file, while following a predetermined route. And while patrons can open windows and sunroofs, they are asked to stay inside their vehicles. However, if you're a passenger in a vehicle and can’t resist the urge to stick your head out a bit to get a better look at all the splendor – feel free!

It’s Open Every Day

The light show runs from November 6th to January 3rd and is open everyday of the week. That’s right, everyday. So if you’re looking for something to do on Christmas Eve/Day or New Years Eve/Day, World of Illumination has you covered.

But Wait, There’s More!

Did you think that the Glendale location was the only one? Oh no friends, The World of Illumination may not be globe-spanning, but it is country-spanning. While not quite as large as The Glendale location, there are two more events which are run and sponsored by World of illumination. One is in Marietta, Georgia and the other is actually about 10 minutes closer to Cactus Forty-2 in Tempe, Arizona! It boasts an “Arctic Adventure” theme complete with holiday music, classic holiday characters, and a 32-foot tall Snowman who is, unfortunately, not a DJ.

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