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Perched songbird at the Desert Botanical Garden near Cactus Forty-2 in Phoenix, Arizona



An easy drive from Cactus Forty-2 is the 140-acre Desert Botanical Garden.

Founded in 1937 by the Arizona Cactus and Native Flora Society, it features more than 21,000 plants, some of which have been in the area for generations.

The botanical garden offers several weekly activities including Birds in the Garden, where visitors can join expert birders on the trails.

It takes place on Mondays and species spotted along the way may include:

Cactus Wren - The cactus wren is the state bird of Arizona and is commonly located in desert areas. These birds are the largest wren in the United States, and they feature white and brown feathers with black-barred wings and tails. Their nests resemble a football in both size and shape and are built in cactus plants out of coarse grass, feathers, and plant fibers.

Curve-Billed Thrasher - Curve-billed thrashers are the most common thrasher species in southwestern desert areas. They're typically grayish-brown in color and feature orange eyes and long tail feathers. Birdwatchers may spot them singing from tree branches or digging in the soil for cacti and other plant seeds.

Abert's Towhee - Often found singing in the thickets, Abert's towhees have a distinct black face, grayish-brown upperparts, and long tail. Their diet consists of insects such as beetles and grasshoppers, and when they're not disturbed, they forage on the ground.

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