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Man throwing a disc golf toward a basket near Cactus Forty-2 in Phoenix, Arizona



Always itching to compete? Well, do it at a safe distance – and close to your Cactus Forty-2 home – with these five physical distancing-friendly sports. 


There’s a reason many golf courses have remained open throughout the coronavirus outbreak – it’s not hard to physically distance while playing golf. Bring your own clubs, rent your own cart, and stay 6 feet away from your partner in the tee box and you’re all set. We’re lucky to live in an area with so many world-class courses, including Stone Creek Golf Club right across the street.

Disc Golf

Just like regular golf, disc golf is highly compatible with physical distancing. And there are a variety of courses to choose from nearby. Buffalo Ridge Disc Golf Course, is a popular 27-hole course that’s less than 20 minutes from Cactus Forty-2.


While it certainly stretches the definition of the word sport, there’s no disputing that it’s amenable to physical distancing. Because players alternate turns throwing, it’s easy to stay 6 feet apart. Just be sure to touch only your bags.


Set some distancing ground rules (no tight defense or slide tackles!) and soccer becomes a pandemic-friendly pastime. If you just want to get out and kick the ball around with a friend or two, even better. Bring a drink and make it a soccer happy hour!

Tennis or Pickleball

With players posted up on opposite sides of the court, tennis and sister sport pickleball are solid options. Bonus points if you can pull off any of these epic trick shots.

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