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Whether you’re just starting a fitness journey or looking to take your workouts up a notch, at-home workouts can be a great solution. You’ll feel comfortable exercising in your own space, and you won’t have to pony up for any membership fees. Worried about not having the right equipment? Don’t sweat it. You can get a killer workout with just your body. Check out these five no-equipment workouts from Cactus Forty-2 that will have your muscles screaming!

PureWow Full Body Burn

There are plenty of advantages to no-equipment workouts: they can be easily modified to match your fitness level, they present very little risk of injury, and they can be done anytime, anywhere. But can they still be tough?

In a word: Yeah! This awesome full-body workout from PureWow uses compound movements that engage a bunch of different muscles to get your body working in overdrive. You’ll go through 10 specific exercises, with one minute allotted for each exercise, including work time and rest time. You’ll find helpful notes on how to do each exercise, and you can easily scale the difficulty by adjusting the work-to-rest ratio. For example, PureWow recommends that beginners break each exercise into 35 seconds of work and 25 seconds of rest, while advanced athletes can amp up the intensity with 50 seconds of work and just 10 seconds of rest.

An extra tip: Download the Tabata Timer app to help you with the work-rest split. The app will ring at each transition, so you’re not stuck staring at the second hand of your watch.

Men’sHealth Bobby Maximus No-Equipment Gym Breaker Workouts

If you have a tough time believing you can get a great workout without any equipment, try these two no-nonsense home workouts from trainer Bobby Maximus and then get back to us. The first workout, 10 to 1, builds around foundational exercises like push-ups and squats. You’ll start fresh on your ten reps, and by the end, even that single lunge will be a killer.

Good news: You get a bonus lung-buster of a workout with this recommendation!

Outside No-Equipment 6-Move Workout

Maybe you’re a seasoned athlete who has been training for a while, and you’re finding it difficult to continue making strength gains with bodyweight exercises. Check out this six-move workout from Outside that uses isometric exercises (moves where your muscles are flexed but don’t change length), plus tempo to create a full-body burn.

Workouts that ask your body to do hundreds of repetitions of the same movement can create injury issues. That endless repetitive motion wears on muscles. Isometric exercises are a creative way to work your body hard that don’t present that injury risk. With this workout from Outside, you’ll find plenty of notes on form, photos to illustrate each move, and ways to modify or intensify.

They offer some fun tips on keeping workouts interesting, too. Who doesn’t want to workout to Moby tunes?

Alo Yoga Core on Blast

If you’re not practicing yoga, you’re missing out! A time-tested category of bodyweight exercises, yoga can increase flexibility, improve balance, and strengthen muscles. Its focus on breathing can also help to reduce any stress or anxiety you might be experiencing. 

Yoga especially works the core. Check out the Alo Yoga channel on YouTube to find dozens of great routines with skilled yoga instructors. If you want a real challenge, try the Core on Blast class. Be ready for the burn!

SWEAT 30-Minute No-Equipment Cardio Workout

If video workouts help to keep you engaged, another resource to mine is SWEAT’s YouTube channel, where you’ll find a range of programs that tackle legs, core, cardio, and full body strength training.

Looking for a fun one that will leave you drenched? Bring your energy – and your towel – for this 30-minute cardio routine. Happy training!

Looking for more ways to stay healthy and active? Check out the Cactus Forty-2 blog for recipes, activities, health tips, and more.