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Cat playing with a smartphone on a table at Cactus Forty-2



You want cat gadgets? We got ‘em! Check out these five amazing gadgets your cat might like – or at least give a good, hard, passing sniff.

Award-Winning Cat String Toy

Finally, you can relieve yourself of the burdensome task of playing with your feline friend. Cats love string, and this doorknob device knows how to wield it. Simply set it up, call kitty, watch and laugh for five or 10 minutes, and then get on with your life. Everyone wins!

Cat Exercise Wheel

Have an indoor kitty who could stand to step up her exercise game? Now she can run indoors without running out of room or knocking your priceless Ming vases off the mantel! Tell visitors it’s expensive abstract art, because, let’s face it, your kitty has way too much self-dignity to give you the satisfaction of using this extremely expensive, gigantic hamster wheel. Yay, accidental art!

The Jackson Galaxy Convertible Cat Backpack Carrier

Can’t stand to be away from kitty for longer than the time it takes to shower? Strap on this classy cooler-sized carrier and take him everywhere you go! And when you can longer bear to go one more second without seeing his adorable little face, convert the whole rig to its duffel bag option. Meow you can stare down at him through his little space station window as he takes in all the sights.

Attractive Cat Tunnel Bed with Cushion Tube Toys Collapsible Cat Mate Easy to Clean Soft Removable Shack House Kitten Tunnel Toy

It’s all in the name with this cat accessory, although the “attractive” part is somewhat misleading. It kind of looks like a giant clam or an ant-sized amphitheater. Finally, your kitty is truly the star of the show!

The Marco Polo Advanced Pet Tracking System

Remember in “Aliens” when they’re tracking the bleeps and blips of the ferocious xenomorph using those handheld devices with little gray screens? Meow you can relive all those terrifying moments with your little buddy using this consumer version. Their website says the tracking collar fits everything from “the largest dogs down to the smallest dogs and cats,” so it should work for your significant other as well! Too bad it doesn’t also have a shock option...

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