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We humans are nothing if not resilient. Our ability to adapt and overcome is second to none. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that while still battling a worldwide pandemic, we’re starting to see more socially responsible events popping up in and around the Phoenix. So, if you’re feeling like masking up and getting out of the house, here are three socially distant events happening in and around Phoenix.

Dog Days In The Garden

Hey, who says only humans get to have all the fun. Saturdays, Jan. 23 and 30, from 8 AM to 11 AM, Desert Botanical Gardens is hosting Dog Days in the Garden. This event allows you and your pet to explore the lush landscape and colorful plant life that makes the garden one of Phoenix's hidden gems (seriously, if you’ve never gone, go!). Masks are required at all times and tickets must be purchased in advance so as to not go over capacity.

Candlelight Open Air Concerts

Who doesn’t love live music? If you’re an avid concertgoer, this past year has come with an extra helping of “ugh.” And while we’re still a ways away from crowds 20,000 strong singing along to Post Malone, smaller venues have begun having socially distant concerts. The Candlelight Open Air concert series is a uniquely visual experience to go along with the laid-back jazzy and classical menu of songs they generally play. The setting is, of course, open air, with the primary light source being hundreds of candles around the audience and the performers on stage. By the way, if you’re looking for something to do on Valentine’s Day, tickets are still available.

West Wind All Digital Drive-In

This is for the movie lover who isn’t satisfied consuming movies on a phone or on your home screen. Sure, those of you rocking a 70-inch 4K may not feel this way, but there’s a reason drive-ins have seen a spike in attendance since the pandemic began, and West Wind All Digital Drive-In is one of the best. With state-of the-art location technology, their screen dwarfs the ones you’ll find in a conventional theater, with digital projectors so sharp you’ll swear you’re watching real life. And, oh yeah, the concession stand is open and movie popcorn is just as good as you remember.

For more socially responsible things to do in and around the Phoenix area, be sure to check out Cactus Forty-2’s blog page.