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Resident stargazing near Cactus Forty 2 in Phoenix, Arizona



One of the many advantages of living in Arizona is the combination of elevation and lack of light pollution providing you with areas that are perfect for admiring the majesty of a clear starry night. Here are two locations you can visit in Central Arizona that are perfect for stargazing.

Stargazing Retreats Camp Verde

If you want a bit more home convenience with your sky-watching then Stargazing Retreats Camp Verde is right up your alley. Have you ever heard of a stargazing pod? Well Camp Varde has them, and they’re awesome. The stargazing pods are huge, spherical, and thick plastic domes. The bottom third of the dome is colored plastic while the rest is clear. Perfect for checking out those starry nights. The pods are unexpectedly spacious and can be both airtight or ventilated. Forget the sleeping bags – there will be no sleeping on the ground here! Each dome comes with a bed for your comfort. They even have complimentary WiFi! Plus, there’s a building onsite with well-maintained restrooms and private shower stalls.

Stargazing Arizona

If you’re looking for a more spiritual recharge with your starry night, then look no further than Stargazing Arizona. There will be no home conveniences or WiFi here! We’re talking starlit nature walks, guided relaxation techniques, and communion with nature and one's place in it. If the idea of unplugging from the world for a few days appeals to you, then you may want to give Stargazing Arizona a shot. After all, haven’t we all been cooped up inside long enough?

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