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A man walking through a subway, holding a coffee in his left hand and eating a breakfast burrito with his right.



They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s also the one meal most people have to cram into a busy morning. If everything is running smoothly, you enjoy your breakfast at the kitchen table like a civilized human. If things aren’t going so smoothly, well, you’re probably reading this blog. So, with this whole blog being based on time management – or lack thereof – here are the three best spots in Chandler to grab breakfast on the go.


This is low-hanging fruit, we know. But that doesn't make Starbucks any less deserving of being on this list. With a Starbucks less than a mile away from home and open Monday-Friday starting at 3:30 AM, it’s close, it’s quick, it’s tasty, and it has an app that lets you order ahead.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Opening at the much more normal time of 5:30 AM, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has a heavy focus on their coffee and tea products but also rocks an assortment of breakfast pastries, pre-made sandwiches, and other sweets. They’re located about 1.5 miles north of Elevation Chandler and also have an app for online ordering.

Peixoto Coffee

For those of you who have to venture into downtown Chandler in the morning, we have Peixoto Coffee. While most on-the-go breakfast spots in downtown Chandler open at 7 AM, Peixoto opens every day at 6. Known for its seasonal and signature coffee drinks, Peixoto also boasts a litany of pastries and sweets from Chandler’s own Siso Bakery. Online ordering includes curbside delivery on those days when you're really in a hurry.

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