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Robot vacuum cleaner cleaning carpet while a woman is sitting on the sofa raising her legs up.



It’s 2021 and advancements in technology offer us pretty much everything under the sun – except for flying cars. And when it comes to your trendy apartment home at Elevation Chandler, why not deck out your place with some of the coolest gadgets out there? Check out this list of techy must-haves for your modern space.

Amazon Alexa

Okay, so who doesn’t have an Alexa in their place at this point? While some people see it as unnecessary, the truth is that none of these gadgets on this list are truly necessary – it’s all just for ease in day-to-day living, and Alexa definitely does just that. Not only can you quickly order Amazon Prime items by voice, but you can also check the weather, get game stats, and play music – and it’s all hands-free.

WiFi Dog Camera

If you have a fur baby in your home, you totally want one of these cool gadgets. From quick check-ins (with treat throwing capabilities, how cool) while you’re grabbing groceries, to working on training tactics from afar, Furbo (or other similar options) lets you connect with your pup from anywhere.

Smart TV & Soundbar

It’s time to ditch your monthly cable bill and go with a smart TV. With streaming services and access to your favorite YouTube videos, smart TVs offer a variety of awesome options perfect for any entertainment preferences, sans the awkward satellite dish or cable box. But don’t forget to include an accompanying soundbar – it makes all the difference when it comes to high-quality audio.

Robot Vacuum

Take cleaning your apartment to a whole new level with a robot vacuum. Whether you manually turn it on to run or have it set to automatically go at a specific time (yes, this is a thing), just a couple of hours and you’re looking at clean floors with zero effort on your part. Choose from top of the line options or go with a less expensive version that meets you at your budget.

Touchless Trash Can

Forget goo-ing up the cabinet door or trash can lid just to throw away garbage. These motion-sensor trash cans are a must-have for your modern kitchen – no further explanation needed!

Smart Garden

Love having fresh herbs, but aren’t great at keeping green things alive? This techy indoor garden gadget cares for your plants without much help at all. It includes automated watering, light, and nutrients. Plus, it looks visually appealing as a home decor element.

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