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Cat sitting on a chair on surrounded by potted plants on the private balcony outside her new home at Elevation Chandler in Chandler, Arizona

Make Your Balcony a Cat Haven


While your kitty might not be the king of the jungle, he can rule your balcony. Especially if you trick it out with perches, plants, and toys that will invite him out to play and make him want to stay.

Comfy Places to Lounge

Cats love their creature comforts and like nothing more than a soft, sunny spot to curl up and relax. Add a seat cushion to a patio chair or tuck a cat bed topped with a soft towel or blanket in a sheltered corner of your balcony and it will likely become their go-to outdoor nap spot.

A Prime Viewing Spot

One of the main attractions of your balcony for your curious cat is the opportunity to watch the birds, butterflies, and any other activity in the area. A table, kitty condo, tower, or catio tall enough to give them a good view will be much appreciated. Check out the cool enclosures made locally by Catbitats in Gilbert.

Add Some Cat-Friendly Plants

Some natural greenery on your patio will not only beautify it for you but make it more inviting and interesting for your cat, too. He will be intrigued by the scents of cat-safe grasses and plants such as licorice root, cat grass, lemongrass, or mint, and can also nibble on them without any adverse effects.

Fun & Games

Introduce a toy or two to your patio that your cat might enjoy. A small, soft ball or dangling object that moves in the breeze will be irresistible and encourage his natural hunting instincts. A small scratching post or board will let your cat stretch and use his claws on something other than the rugs and nice furniture inside.

Safety First

Make sure none of the furniture or cat perches are positioned in a way that could risk your cat falling over a balcony ledge if distracted or startled (it can happen!). If you have a ground floor patio, you may need to do some cat proofing to ensure kitty can’t escape or wander off, and that other animals can’t get in. Check with the management team first to verify what is permitted. And in the Arizona summers, make sure your cat isn’t ever stranded outside on your balcony during the heat of the day.

Every pet-friendly apartment home at Elevation Chandler includes a spacious patio or balcony both you and your cat can enjoy. Contact us to learn more about our community, and visit our blog for more great lifestyle and decorating tips.