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Man doing his own Halloween makeup in a mirror at Elevation Chandler



It’s almost Halloween…have you chosen a costume? Many people opt for a store-bought ensemble – it is easier, after all. But store-bought costumes often lack personality and creativity.

Don’t assume that’s your only option, though. You can make your own. And no, that doesn’t require you to have expertise in sewing. In fact, making your own costume is far simpler than you might realize.

Use What You Have

All you need is probably in your closet right now. Do you have a cute, yellow sundress, rain boots (or Mary Janes), and an umbrella? Then you’ve got the perfect Morton’s Salt Girl costume! A pair of worn khakis or black jeans, a striped or gray long-sleeved t-shirt, black boots, and a red bandana can transform you into a pirate. Pick a look you want and see what you can put together with your existing wardrobe, or work backwards and use a statement piece (like a long, red, hooded coat…) to inspire your costume.

Take advantage of props and accessories

The little details are what make a costume special. If you’re going as a cat or fox or other animal, make your own ears. Paper crafters will love this Mary Poppins hat made out of black cardstock. Or you can try these easy horns or angel wings made out of cardboard.

Create a Statement Piece

DIY Halloween costumes can be incredibly simple while still showcasing your creativity and style, but often, it just takes one special item to really put your costume over the top. Sure, you can throw on a gingham dress that you already own, but your Dorothy costume won’t come alive without the ruby slippers (which are surprisingly easy to make). If you’re going for a Game of Thrones look, make your own Jon Snow cape using an Ikea rug (which is exactly what the show’s costume designers did!).

Make a Pun

Who doesn’t love a play on words or a good idiom? Challenge yourself to create a costume from word play. How about a “shrimp on a Barbie,” a “blessing in disguise,” or a “green with envy” costume? You can find more on Country Living’s list of favorite word play costumes.

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