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Woman in sunglasses and a black swimsuit lying on a pink float in a swimming pool.



Mmm, the smell of hot vinyl roasting in the Arizona sun … As temperatures start to heat up, it’s time to get serious about your pool game. While having the right swimsuit and flip-flops are always important, it’s absolutely essential that you’re rocking the latest pool float technology. After all, you don’t want people thinking you don’t care, do you? Check out these four fabulous floaties and stay ahead of the competition.

FUNBOY Rainbow Clear Floating Lounger

Like a half-dissolved fruity lozenge, this magical PVC wet carpet ride cradles your form as it shows off your exceptional taste in floatation devices. Billed as a floating chaise lounge, it’s so much more! Great for both land and sea, it includes a cupholder, so you can stay hydrated while you flaunt your style.

FUNBOY Yacht Pool Float

FUNBOY knows what’s up. This mini-yacht made for one (or maybe two, packed close together) features snazzy racing stripes and a divet in the front that’s ideal for a couple of bags of ice and cans or bottles of your favorite beverage. It also offers not one – but two cupholders, so you can double-fist with the best of them. Maybe you should wear a life jacket, too?

Obuby Inflatable Avocado Pool Float With Ball

Once you’ve finished your avocado toast, roll down to the pool and relax on your avocado floaty. Got friends floating in? Offer to toss the pit – er, ball around. This float comes with one included. Neato! 

FUNBOY Golf Cart Float

FUNBOY is back! This time, he’s got a float that’s shaped like a golf cart, and it’s large enough for two people. Just check out the pictures on their website! One of the passengers might even be FUNBOY himself (although he doesn’t look like very much fun).   

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