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A woman standing in front of a display of candy holding a large sucker.



People love candy. We love candy so much we created a holiday where we give out candy to kids in crazy outfits. Heck, just the other week a heart-shaped box full of candy was part of many a “I forgot to get her something for Valentine’s Day!” flower/chocolates combo. So, for the lovers of agenda-free sweets, here are three locations in and around Chandler to get your sugar rush on. 

Sweeties Candy

Feel like a kid again at Sweeties Candy. Its colorful, 1,300-square-foot interior is packed full of delectable sweets from here and around the world. Been wanting to try some more of that candy you had in Mexico? Chances are, you’ll find it at Sweeties. They even have, *gasp* sugar-free candy! If you’re looking for diversity, obscure finds, and a just plain massive selection, look no further than Sweeties Candy.

See’s Candies 

Probably the most well-known location on this list, See’s Candies is celebrating 100 years in the candy business with good reason. Every one of See’s Candies locations have a vast variety of high-end sweets, knowledgeable friendly staff, and best of all, free samples! 

Fuzziwig’s Candy Factory

Fuzziwig’s Candy Factory is another candy store that incorporates childlike wonder into the aesthetic. Bright, colorful, and packed with 400 different candies from the classic to the obscure, Fuzziwig’s also sells plush animals and hard-to-find specialty toys. With something for everyone, Fuzziwig’s Candy Factory is a must-go for children of all ages.

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