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Though it’s the beginning of a new year, a time when everyone is ready to build healthier habits and eat more nutritiously, you can always find healthy cuisine in Chandler, all year round.

Try these local favorites for meals that will help you keep your healthy resolutions without sacrificing delicious flavor.

Pita Jungle

This eatery, whose goal is to make an “art of eating healthy,” has a menu that features delicious pitas and wraps made with grilled meats, fresh vegetables, and light sauces bursting with flavor. If you’re avoiding carbs, fear not – they offer their sandwich and wrap dishes in bowls, putting the focus on the meats and veggies. They also have vegan and gluten-free options.

Fired Pie

Who says pizza and healthy eating don’t go together? If this Italian classic is a treat you don’t want to give up, Fired Pie has got your back. You can choose from three crusts – classic, gluten-free, and uber-healthy cauliflower. And there’s no way you can’t meet your daily veggie quota here with their dozens of topping options. You can also indulge in pepperoni, salami, or other meat toppings every now and then. (Call it a protein boost – we won’t tell.) And if you really need to keep it light, try their customizable salads.

Cherish Farm Fresh Eatery

This establishment understands that everyone defines a healthy diet differently – and with their commitment to meeting the community’s needs, they’re ready to cover every base. You’ll find everything you can imagine on their menu – classic avocado toast, chicken noodle soup, superfruit bowls, tacos, vegan (and classic) burgers, salads, grain bowls, and more. No matter where your healthy eating goals will take you this year, Cherish will have you covered.


For those who really want to go all out, this eatery offers green juices, superfood smoothies, fruit bowls, and salads made from the highest-quality ingredients. It’s a casual establishment for seriously healthy eaters.

Kind Bean

Even the healthiest of eaters need an occasional treat. You’ll find just that at this charming cafe, which makes its mochas with organic chocolate and features sugar- and caffeine-free botanical infusions alongside its classic coffee menu. They also offer incredibly healthy breakfast and lunch options – a full selection of veggie toasts, chia pudding, salad, corn chowder, and more – and of course, some sweet treats for those “cheat days.”

For more tips on eating healthy, especially when you’re at home, check out Healthline’s suggestions.

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