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Home chef cooking at Elevation Chandler in Chandler, Arizona



If you find yourself spending more time at your Chandler apartment and limiting trips to the store, we’d like to share some tips on how to create flavorful meals with pantry staples. By filling your plate with wholesome food, you’ll be safeguarding your health and wellbeing. Use these top-ranking resources to create tasty, full-flavored meals using what you have on hand.


If you want to cook delicious meals using what is in your kitchen, you're in luck. Just download the SuperCook app or wander over to the SuperCook website. Simply check off the ingredients you have, and Supercook will suggest recipes using those food items. Food items are organized by category—dairy, fruits, vegetables, baking & grains, spices, meats, sauces, legumes—for easy navigation. Rest assured, SuperCook truly makes do with what you have. By checking off just two simple staples—flour and potatoes—SuperCook will generate a surprising number of suggestions. This may include homemade gnocchi, German potato dumplings, sourdough starter, crispy potatoes, and oil-free microwave potato chips.


The Cookpad app and the official Cookpad webpage are perfect for anyone who loves scouting out cooking ideas on social media. "Cookpad is part recipe finder, part social platform," the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts writes. Start by searching for any ingredient in your pantry and browse recipes using that ingredient. React to recipes (just like you would on Facebook) and follow users who post your favorite recipes. If you're feeling ambitious, take advantage of Cookpad's user-friendly format. Post pictures of the ingredients you use in your own recipes alongside step-by-step instructions, or share reviews of others' recipes, like shredded chicken smashed potatoes, spinach lasagna rolls, and honey avocado toast.


Make a difference by joining Love Food Hate Waste’s mission to reduce food waste. The website teaches you how to save money and use the products you have at home, including the unlikely odds and ends in your pantry and fridge. Use these ingredients to whip up curry chickpea & lentil Shepherd's pie, chicken and rosemary pasta, or one-pot lentil and butter bean stew.

Don't venture out to packed grocery stores unless you truly need to! These apps and websites make it possible to cook delicious dishes without leaving the comfort of home. If you’d like to live and cook in comfortable surroundings, consider making Elevation Chandler your next home. For more information or to schedule a virtual tour, contact us today.