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Cute cat dressed as Santa Claus near a Christmas tree



If your cat is anything like most felines, it’s not a big fan of wearing clothing or accessories. Too bad for it, you’re in charge! It’s payback for all those times you had to clean the litter box. Also, it’s holiday card time, and what better way to show your friends how awesome and grown up you are than with a photo of your fur baby dressed up for the holidays.

PETLESO Cat Santa Hat with Scarf

When you’re a cat, chances are you’re already pretty darn cool (or at least you think you are), so you don’t necessarily need a whole production like your canine brethren. Instead, you can go with something simple like this cute little white and red Santa hat and scarf.

Adnikia Creative Soft Bread Slice Collar for Cat

This unique costume doesn’t capture any particular holiday’s spirit, but it is unique and some might call it cute. Imagine a perfect slice of white bread with a hole cut out of the middle and your cat’s head sticking through and that’s exactly what you’ve got. But this slice of bread is probably more durable. Your friends won’t know what to think!

Frisco Holiday Antler Headband & Bell Collar Dog & Cat

Cats love bells! OK, we made that up. They actually hate them because cats are usually up to no good and now you’ll know exactly where yours is at any given moment. But whatever mischief he commits, it will be impossible to stay mad as long as he’s wearing these adorable antlers that come with the bells.

EV Hanukkah Holiday Flannel Dog & Cat Matching Family Pajamas

These handsome pet pajamas sold by Target are designed to match with their people pajamas, so you and your little buddy can coordinate outfits. Imagine cool winter mornings snuggling up with your fluffy friend, drinking a hot cup of cocoa, and looking exactly like that crazy pet man or lady your friends all predicted you would become. Priceless.

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