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Friends eating ice cream near Elevation Chandler in Chandler, Arizona



Hey, guess what? Desserts are delicious – this isn’t an opinion, this is a cold hard fact. Don’t think so? Take ice cream for instance. Ice cream is so good that all someone has to do to sell it is just drive around in a truck, play some music and kids come running. That’s science. So for the kid in all of us, here are four great spots to check out when you feel like indulging your sweet tooth.

Yogurt Land

There’s a reason there’s over 300 locations across the US and in five countries. Yogurt Land is insanely good. For the uninitiated, Yogurtland is a magical place with various frozen yogurt flavors distributed via a soft serve ice cream machine and every topping you can think of. You grab a bowl, pile in whatever flavors and topping you want, they weigh it for you, and you're off to the delicious races.

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice

Some people think Italian Ice is just shredded ice with some fruit juice sprinkled on it. But that’s like saying pizza is just heated dough with some melted cheese sprinkled on it. You know the difference, and so does Jeremiah’s Italian Ice. Started in a small shop in 1996 and growing to 40 locations across the US, it’s obvious Jeremiah’s knows what they’re doing. When you stop by, you’ll be bombarded with over 40 different flavors ranging from classic Mango to the outrageous Pumpkin Pie. Have a hard time deciding? No problem. That’s what the free samples are for! Just watch out for the brain freeze.

Sweet Daddy Cupcakes

Just over a decade old, Sweet Daddy Cupcakes Is a young scrappy and hungry business that boasts an assortment of cupcake flavors and even daily themed ones. We’d also be remiss if we didn’t mention the ice cream sandwiches made with two freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies. And you can wash it all down with one of their signature Milshakes, or their Frozen and Cold Brew Coffee drinks.

Lisa’s Rum Cake

If the quickest way to the heart is through the stomach, then there must be a whole lot of love baked into Lisa’s Rum Cake. As a local mom-and-pop-and-daughter establishment, Lisa’s makes some of the best-tasting and best-looking cakes you’ve ever seen. These cakes (and pies!) come in over 60 different flavors and various sizes for any occasion. Be it wedding, birthday or just a few slices for you and your friends, Lisa’s Rum Cake is a must-have for all you cake (and pie) lovers out there.

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