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As we continue to live in a world of social distancing many of us dream of the day when we once again get to explore this wonderful world called Earth. And when you eventually decide to sit down and plan anything from a small cross country road trip to a full-blown, spare-no-expense vacation, here are three spots you may want to avoid post-pandemic.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

For decades Atlantic City was the Las Vegas of the East coast. That is so no longer the case. In the past five years almost half of the beachside Casinos have closed and the once epic Boardwalk is a shell of its former self with increased crime and unemployment. Definitely not a place you want to add to your post-lockdown vacation list.

Cairo, Egypt

Who doesn’t want to see the Sphinx and the Pyramids? 4,500-year-old structures that still baffle engineers to this day. And while they are indeed all those things, it’s also a tourist destination and everything is about money. From the moment you land to the moment you leave you’ll be bombarded with invitations to come into shops, request to take cabs, and the hassle of constantly haggling over prices. Now don’t get us wrong, when you finally get to the Pyramids, well, they’re pretty spectacular. But the location is insanely crowded and feels more touristy than Times Square. We’re not saying never go, just maybe avoid it for the first trip out of quarantine.

Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Massachusetts

It’s a rock, in a park. It’s not even a particularly big rock. Look, if state parks are your jam, Yellowstone is practically right down the street. This is not where you go for a post-pandemic pilgrimage, no matter how apt the verbiage might sound.

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