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Discover the Top Attractions around South Jordan

South Jordan is one of the largest cities in Utah, and it is well known for its multiple shopping and dining destinations and beautiful nature. For those who love exploring, there are numerous attractions near South Jordan that you can visit. Read on to learn some of the best attraction sites to tour if you are living in our apartments in South Jordan.

Visit Bingham Canyon Mine

Bingham Canyon Mine, also known as Kennecott Copper Mine, is a fantastic copper mine near Salt Lake City, Utah. A visit to this site gives you a first-hand experience of how copper gets refined. A tour of the mine also allows you to learn several things, including the importance of mining, non-hazardous mining practices, and sustainable mining methods.

Before planning a trip, ensure to make a reservation for the day of their visit. Shuttles to the Kennecott Copper Mine are available at the mine's visitor's parking area. Tour companies or groups larger than 18 visitors should make a reservation a minimum of 10 days before the visit.

Visit Love and Living Planet Aquarium

Love and Living Planet Aquarium is among the largest public aquariums in Utah. It is located in Draper, Utah, and it houses thousands of animals from different species. The aquarium provides educational and touring experiences to visitors of all ages and interests.

Some of the exciting sights to enjoy at Love and Living Planet Aquarium include views of various marine ecosystems, including the deep ocean, coral reefs, kelp forests, South American rain forests, and Asian cloud forests. Before visiting the aquarium, make an online reservation and arrive no more than 10 minutes late.

Visit Cowabunga Bay Water Park

Cowabunga Bay Water Park is one of the largest water parks in the U.S. It is located in Draper, Utah, and it’s a great place to visit during hot summer days. The water park includes water slides, a beach, a river, a kid's cove, and a grill. Make an online reservation before visiting the water park.

If you’re looking for more exciting adventures, check out some of the local nature trails around the area. If you’re looking for your next apartment in South Jordan, contact us today to schedule your in-person tour of Olympus at Daybreak.