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A woman checking her heart monitor while jogging on a South Jordan trail.

Explore Scenic Nature Trails around South Jordan

Enjoy South Jordan Nature Trails for Outdoor Adventures


Stretching your legs and getting active is easy for residents of our South Jordan apartments. This is because the city currently has 11 open trails for walking and bicycling. Below are some of the best nature trails in South Jordan to enjoy whenever you need some fresh air. 

Oquirrh Shadows Park Loop Trail

Measured to an exact mile, the Oquirrh Shadows Park Loop Trail circles the Oquirrh Shadows Park. It is asphalt paved, and convenient for those looking for a bike ride in the early morning or late afternoon. The park's size is approximately 11 acres and is equipped with a pavilion for visitors. 

Bingham Creek Trail

Just over 2.5 miles long, the Bingham Creek Trail extends beyond the city limits of South Jordan along Bingham Creek. It is also paved with asphalt, making it an ideal trail for bikers and joggers looking to maintain their fitness goals. With the creek settled along the trail, it is one of the more peaceful trails pursued by South Jordan residents needing to step away. 

Jordan River Trail

Plan an afternoon for the Jordan River Trail. With it stretching the longest at 3.5 miles throughout the city and just beyond, it provides those who travel it an opportunity to reconnect with the outdoors. Visit areas of South Jordan that you have not visited when you head out. Feel free to bring your furry friends along for the walk.

These outdoor trails are only minutes from our South Jordan apartments. After working up an apetite, order lunch or dinner from  your favorite restaurant. For more information about Olympus at Daybreak,  contact our team and schedule your virtual tour today.