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A group of young people smiling on ride at an amusement park around Odessa

Beat the Heat at These Amusement Parks around Odessa

Visit Amusement Parks around Odessa to Have Fun in the Sun

If you are looking for fun-filled activities for the summer not too far away from our Odessa apartments, there are many options. Whether you want a lazy day around a water park or thrilling, heart-stopping rides, we have options for everyone. Here are three fantastic amusement parks near Sedona Ranch that you can enjoy with friends during the summer.

Water Rampage

This water park has over 30 rides to choose from. Whether it’s the wave pool, the lazy river, or the water slide, there is something for everyone. The 35-year-old park also has picnic grounds to enjoy a cozy bite or to enjoy some quiet time. You can also throw a ball around or catch up with friends. What’s more, Water Rampage is open to private parties such as birthdays or special events.

Wonderland Amusement Park

This 70-year-old attraction is an iconic landmark with over 200,000 visitors annually. The park boasts thrilling rides with aptly named rides such as the world-famous Double Loop, Texas Tornado. Drop of Fear gives the rider the sensation of falling off ten stories. Then there is the cyclone spiraling ride, the Texas Intimidator. Don’t forget the infamous house trap which is a 1,700 foot maze of turns and twists, also known as the Big Coaster. Wonderland also offers more chill rides for those who don't care for an adrenaline rush.

Joyland Amusement Park

Joyland Amusement Park started 50 years ago and has become a west Texas summer tradition. The park has over 30 attractions. Have fun on mild rides such as the dizzy dragon, bumper cars, sky rides, the Santa Fe train, and smaller rides. For the more adventurous, the water coasters are worth trying. Joyland Park is a family-run business open to birthday parties, group rides, special occasions, and other fun activities.

On the way home from a fun day at amusement parks, grab some tasty Mexican food from Odessa restaurants. When you are looking for luxurious apartments in Sedona Ranch, contact us to book your viewing appointment.