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A woman admiring art on the wall of a museum in Midland.

Museums in Midland Highlight Local Heritage

Museums play center-stage in preserving local culture and heritage through careful documentation and artifact preservations. Midland has a unique history that the various museums located in the area highlight. Discover some of the interesting local museums near our apartments in Midland.

Permian Basin Petroleum Museum

Visiting the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum is an amazing journey through more than 230 million years of local history. The museum is interactive, educational, and entertaining for any visitor. You can learn about the oil industry, minerals, and local art. One amazing aspect of this museum is the oil well blowout exhibition. It offers a visual treatment of the subject. You will visit Permian Basin Museum for the hardware but still stay amazed by the exhibited paintings by Frank Gervasi.

The Midland Army Air Field Museum

The main hangar at the High Sky Wing Complex is where the Midland Army Air Field Museum is situated. It preserves the history of World War II's biggest bombardier training facility while displaying a collection of artifacts. The exhibits describe the contributions of West Texans, including George H.W. Bush, to World War II. Through aircraft collections and an opportunity to fly in one, the museum gives visitors a chance to experience the sights and sounds of the 1940s.

Midland County Historical Museum

This museum includes early Midland historical exhibits such as pioneer relics, photos, civil war mementos, World War I and II, and Native American artifacts. The most interesting aspect of the Midland County Historical Museum is the "Midland Man" reproduction. What’s more, fossil remains discovered at South Midland on Scharbauer Ranch in 1953 are preserved in this museum. They prove that there was life at Midland between 9,000 and 9,500 B.C.E.

There is never a dull moment while exploring Midland museums. You can also check out some delicious breakfast spots before experiencing the museums. Contact us today to be enlightened on the numerous offerings of our apartments in Midland.


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