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A stack of pancakes on a plate at a restaurant in Midland.

The Best Pancake Restaurants in Midland

Find the Perfect Pancakes at These Restaurants in Midland

There is something about a light and fluffy stack of golden pancakes, dripping with syrup, that brings a smile to your face no matter what time of day it is. These excellent pancake restaurants serve some of the best pancakes near our luxury Midland apartments.

Main Street Diner

Main Street Diner is dedicated to serving up plates of homemade happiness to each and every customer. Their menu is a delightful mix of real southern comfort food, Tex Mex, and old-fashioned diner food. Pancakes are one of Main Street Diner's specialties and they serve up golden towers of fluffiness, complete with your choice of mix-ins and toppings, to ensure you get your perfect plate of pancakes. They will even let you top the toppings with some whipped cream if you like so drop on by Main Street Diner for some fabulous flapjacks today.

Addie's Diner 

Addie's Diner is devoted to bringing 1950s diner food, and diner experience, to their customers every day. This delightful diner is painted and decorated like an old 1950s drive-up diner with all the charm, fun, and great atmosphere that goes with it. People don't just go to Addie's for the feel of the place though, Addie's Diner serves up some of the best pancakes in the area. Their pancakes are light, delicious, and absolutely irresistible, especially when topped with your favorite topping and a shower of maple syrup.  Stop by and try some of the best pancakes in Midland at Addie's Diner.

Back in the Day Cafe

Back in the Day Cafe is focused on bringing home cooking and great events to all of its customers every day. One of their signature dishes is their tower of pancakes, which are light, fluffy, and mouth-wateringly good. Whether you have the pancake platter, pancakes on their own, or mix and match them with a breakfast combo, Back in the Day Cafe makes pancakes that make you want another round of fluffiness every time you order them. 

Pancakes are the perfect way to bring a smile to any day. After you have your fill of deliciously fluffy pancakes from a local restaurant, do a little shopping for someone you love at a Midland gift shop. For more information about the floor plans and amenities at Sundance Creek, contact us today. We’d love to give you a tour of our apartments in Midland.