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A group of friends drinking beer at one of the speakeasies near Frisco.

Step Back in Time at These Speakeasies near Frisco

Enjoy Unique Cocktails at Speakeasies near Frisco

If you're looking to spice up an average Saturday evening, speakeasies are a chill way to have an experience. They are cool, intimate, and usually equipped with enticing decor and craft cocktails. It's not always easy to find out where speakeasies are--after all, they are inspired by the 1920s prohibition era. The speakeasies to visit near our Frisco apartments include:

Rare Books Bar

By the front door of restaurant J Theodore sits an antique phone, similar to those old payphones that used to exist once upon a time. If you follow their Facebook page, you'll be informed of the current week's lineup for live music, along with a unique password. You'll have to use the payphone to call the librarian and repeat the password, which is always the name of a classic piece of literature. During prohibition, hidden bars and passwords helped speakeasies avoid law enforcement. Like many speakeasies near Frisco, Rare Books Bar keeps things traditional.

Bottled in Bond Cocktail Parlor and Kitchen

Passwords aren't necessary for this speakeasy-style lounge, but it does encompass a 1920's ambiance with dark walls and intimate, low lighting. Bottled in Bond is the main restaurant, serving a variety of American food with a southern and Caribbean twist. The Parlor is the recently added lounge, where you can enjoy 130 different kinds of whiskey and delightful cocktails.

Room One Eleven

Room One Eleven is a bit more inconspicuous than the others, with little information on how to get in aside from it being through a secret door. Their Instagram page will post the password for the day on their stories, so be sure to check it out before going. This quaint speakeasy has a time traveling theme with a variety of spirits and eloquently crafted cocktails.

We love new and unique experiences and speakeasies provide just that. Hear more about our wonderful community by scheduling a tour of Olympus Boulevard today. We’d love to give you more details about our Frisco apartments.