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A man floating in air at an indoor skydiving venue in Frisco, Texas

Get Your Adrenaline Pumping with Indoor Skydiving in Frisco

Committing to jumping out of an airplane takes a lot of courage, even for daredevils who love adrenaline rushes. iFLY is a popular alternative to skydiving and does not involve jumping thousands of feet into the open air. Without having to travel far from our Frisco apartments, you can experience the rush of indoor skydiving. Here are some things you can enjoy thanks to the venue’s wind tunnels which simulate the "free fall" feeling like among the clouds.

Practice Your Skills

Whether you are an avid skydiver or not, it's a great alternative for when the weather prohibits you from jumping out of a plane. You can work on new skills, even competing in the US Indoor Skydiving Nationals. If heights isn't your thing, iFLY lets you practice with trained professionals where you will learn stable flying. If you want, work your way up to learning different maneuvers.

Host a Corporate Event or Birthday

Indoor skydiving makes for a good team building activity as you can fly with multiple people and learn new skills together. The facility has a dedicated space for meetings as well as options for catering food. It also makes for a unique holiday party where co-workers can choose to fly if they want or opt out and socialize in a fun atmosphere. Also, no matter your age, iFLY is an exhilarating place to host a birthday party, where you can choose from select packages.

Learn Something New

iFLY has a special science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) program where you can learn all about the technology it takes to make a facility like this possible. The facility even has a virtual STEM program option.

Indoor skydiving in Frisco is right up an adventure-seeker's alley, along with other nearby attractions like horseback riding. Contact us today to learn about Olympus Boulevard and other exciting activities near our apartments in Frisco.


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