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The Best Coffee Shops in Charlotte

Get a Caffeine Boost at These Coffee Shops in Charlotte

Are you on the hunt for a go-to coffee shop in Charlotte? Luckily, there are a number of cafes that specialize in frothy lattes and rich java near our apartments in Charlotte.

Crema Espresso Bar and Cafe

Crema Espresso Bar and Cafe takes pleasure in creating a warm, soothing cafe experience. They use only the best ingredients, partnering with local roasters for various worldwide flavors. They serve superior coffee ranging from espresso drinks to iced brews. And they have flavors for every taste, including vanilla, caramel, mocha, Irish cream, and hazelnut.
Besides coffee, this cafe has the finest loose-leaf herbal teas.

Waterbean Coffee

This coffee shop serves delicious, reasonably priced coffee and baked goodies. They have everything from organic and decaf brews to various espresso blends and coffee of different origins. Their environment is clean and peaceful and their minimalist aesthetic and contemporary background music makes the vibe even better. Waterbean Coffee has free, fast WiFi and a welcoming and accommodating barista.

Caribou Coffee

Besides the nitro cold press, milk, and marshmallow taste coffees, Caribou Coffee sells actual chocolate. Their signature nitrogen-infused cold-pressed brew, which is smooth, creamy, and flavorful, sets them apart. A coffee lover's haven, this cafe sells coffee-branded drinkware and apparel, plus gift cards.

You can also sample their tropical green tea, served over ice with coconut jelly and flavored with milk and raspberry.

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